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Behind the Camera

This is me!

Anything video.

I shoot almost anything. With a camera, of course. Whether you want a horror-ish short film, a sweet, heartwarming wedding video, or an awe-inspiring travelogue, I've been there. 

Hello, I am simply someone who loves creating and shooting visual spectacles through the lens of a camera. Either just for fun when it comes to travelogues and such, to having to complete an assignment from film school, I love to use every chance and opportunity to produce, visualise, and transform experiences into memories.

I started out doing videography and photography in secondary school, and the passion has not withered since and will not anytime soon. I started off doing videos for classmates and for school projects, before moving into more commercial work for clients and critically graded works for school.

Currently in my final year of film studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic's film school, I wish to venture further into wedding videos, as they require plenty of my experience and creative direction. So, let me work for you and I can deliver a work that contains not only years of experience, but memories that you will hold dearly to your heart in days to come.

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